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Here's your QUICK GUIDE to how hiring a virtual session drummer works.

Hiring a musician you've never met can be daunting. I want to try to make this process or order drums online as easy as possible for you, from start to finish, so if you have any questions, you can contact me at any time by almost any means.

Step 1
Prepare Your Music
  • Record to a click where possible.

  • Creative WAVs or MP3s with: guide drums, no drums, and with the click in the audio.

  • Create a list of songs to reference, for feel and for drum sound. YouTube or Spotify playlists are great.

  • Upload the files to Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Step 2
Book Your Session
  • Click on BOOK NOW.

  • Fill in all the information needed, including the link to your files and reference songs.

  • Wait for my response (48 hours maximum, UK timezone), which will include some notes and suggestions.

Step 3
Get Booked In
  • We will have now agreed on the direction for your music via email/messenger.

  • A deposit request of 50% will have been sent to your email.

  • Once this is paid, a link to a Trello workflow will be sent so you can keep track of the project.

Step 4
Get Your Drums
  • A balanced mix will be sent to you, as an mp3, in Trello.

  • An invoice for the remaining 50% will have been sent to your email.

  • Once this is paid, your drums stems will be uploaded to Dropbox, accessible via Trello.

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